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Rediscovering the Present Moment with Mindulness: How it Can Help with Success at Work


Many of us are highly goal-oriented at work and that’s usually a good thing. After all,  having a clear picture of the end result is an important part of success. But what about the present moment? All genius and creativity happens in the present moment – in the now – and it’s the sum total of all those crucial creative moments that add up to our achieving any creative goal. Mindfulness helps. It brings us back to the present so we can reach our full potential moment by moment and achieve the best possible outcomes.


Rediscover the present moment

Avoiding the present moment

We often avoid the present moment, though research suggests that when we stay present, we’re much happier. One study used a mobile phone app to track feelings in relation to the present moment and found a distinct correlation between happiness and living in the now. But all too many of us just default to autopilot and go through our days more or less unconsciously. Why do we do this if great things happen when we’re more mindful?


It may be in some cases because we’re excessively attached to past events and memories. This may be because a part of our mind is driven to try and make sense of unwanted past experiences to prevent them from happening again. In this way, the past can be a source of unhelpful rumination, preventing other parts of the mind from focusing on the moment. That can affect your performance at work.


As well, self-limiting beliefs can drive us to practice avoidance of the moment. Often learned in childhood from other people, self-limiting beliefs create a fear of failure and can stop us from truly realising our potential.


Mind-wandering is part of the human condition. Our mind wanders on average 50 percent of the time. Research associates mind wandering with unhappiness and it really doesn’t serve us when we’re at work.

The present moment

Almost magically, in the present moment, past traumas can lose their power over us.

Rediscovering the present moment

It may take practice and in some cases professional guidance but rediscovering the present moment can revolutionise work for increased success.


Jon Kabat-Zinn boils it down for us when he says:

‘The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness. Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you’re doing.’


Mindfulness training involves using techniques such as meditation and body sensation awareness to truly experience the now. Thoughts still come but by being, to some extent, a observer of these you can be more discerning with them. That let’s you can become more fully engaged with your work. It can help you to and achieve the best possible outcomes.


For more advice on using mindfulness for success at work, contact rachel@minfulnessworks.com or call (+44) 01223 750660.